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In a world of technology, Our people make the difference

Ensuring reliability, security and compliance

Are your current systems reliable, operating efficiently and maintaining data integrity?

A CNX system design and audit provides detailed data and information about the system and its system elements.

We analyse and assess your business’ technological environment to ensure your processes and systems are running accurately and efficiently, while remaining secure and meeting compliance regulations.

A CNX audit will identify any IT issues and provide solutions to ensure reliability, security and compliance.


  • Peace of mind for business owners and shareholders that the organisation is 100 per cent compliant
  • IT governance shapes IT decisions to benefit the business
  • Assists towards business and system improvements
  • Better planning and budgeting
  • Ensures the company’s assets are protected
  • Assists with company workflows, efficiencies and automation
  • The easy to view system and business topologies assist executive decision making

Services Provided

  • Licensing review and audit
  • Security and infrastructure design or audit
  • Strategic planning roadmap
  • Software standardisation
  • Network topology, design or audit
  • Security design or audit
  • Hardware and software review
  • Communication system review
  • Project management
  • Software architecture

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